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It’s All About Your Eyes: Singer Lianne La Havas for Glamour Magazine August 2013.
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Im feeling my body flow today.

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“A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of not winning he doesn’t even try”
Little Miss Sunshine (2006)Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

tomorrow will is coming over and we’re getting dominos and holy fuck I’m excited

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The Rethink Homelessness campaign aims to dispel stereotypes and remind us that the circumstances which lead to living on the streets could happen to each and every one of us.

ALSO it’s weird that literally every time I felt sexual feelings towards someone when I was young, they were female, and yet I thought of myself as 100% straight for the majority of my life wOW HETERONORMATIVITY

sexuality when you’re younger is so strange like I remember feeling sexually aroused in late elementary school/early middle school but having absolutely no idea what that feeling was and so I ignored it, but now when I look back on the situations I’m like ‘yo I was turned on! I was horny and I didn’t even know it!’ and that is so weird to me, like I remember the first time I ever felt sexually aroused, I was at a friend’s sleepover and we were up really late and a girls gone wild ad came on the tv and I remember feeling something going on ~down below~ but I just ignored it because I didn’t understand it. and then I looked through my older sister’s books on puberty and I decided that what I felt was called an  ”orgasm” whICH IS FUCKING HILARIOUS I WAS LIKE 10 AND I THOUGHT THAT I HAD A MYSTERIOUS ORGASM WHILE WATCHING A COMMERCIAL FOR SOFT CORE PORN LIKE ????? 

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Literally me

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